Kom Anders

EKKO is an alternative poppodium in Utrecht. They are not afraid to do things differently. We translated this into a campaign where we visualised synonyms of things you can do there: drink- and dance terms. We accompanied the visualized words with the line ‘Kom Anders…’ (Come… in a different way). We shot nine different synonym-situations, as well as film and foto.

Year: 2015
Client: EKKO
Photography: Annegien van Doorn
Set assistent: Amber ter Haar
Video music: Robbert Klein


EKKO_komanders_ copy_small EKKO_komanders_6 copy_small EKKO_komanders_5 copy_small EKKO_komanders_3 copy_small EKKO_komanders_2 copy_small EKKO_komanders_4EKKO_komanders_beelden_Pagina_7_lr










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