Daarom PIndakaas (translated as: Why Not Peanutbutter) is a fictional peanutbutterbrand, founded in 2013.

We were graduating at Design Academy Eindhoven, where the most asked question is ‘why?’. After hearing this question for almost 5 years we thought it was finally time for an answer, which turned out to be: ‘Why not?’. To not only keep this perfect answer to ourselves, we decided to spread it, and together with that celebrating ideas and cheering the execution of them. LET’S GO NUTS! We started a movement with a peanutbutterbrand as a cover, because it gives you the energy to turn ideas into realities, because it smells, because design can use some oomph, because it’s shapeless, because it’s a spread that goes with anything and because sometimes there’s no specific reason.

Daarom Pindakaas went on tour with the peanutbutter vehicle as a supporter of great ideas, we made some commercials of how our peanutbutter is not made, we designed a 100 posters with reasons why you should graduate with the subject peanutbutter, we built a gigantic peanut and we went NUTS.

upper photo: Ⓒ Design Academy Eindhoven, Merel Witteman & Maartje Slijpen, Daarom., Lisa Klappe.

Year: 2013-2014, joint Graduation Project at Design Academy Eindhoven