My Way or the Highway

From april till juni 2016 we guided the graduation students of Zuyd University (Maastricht, The Netherlands) through their graduation process. The students of Interdisciplinary Arts already took a subject and did a research on the subject. We helped them to combine all the researches and projects into one expo, named:

My Way or the Highway.

A fitting theme because graduating means that you decide what you show, what you research and what you think. As a visitor you can take it or leave it. After graduation all these students take their own road. All of the students got their own truck which they transformed from a coffee house to a mini museum to a package delivery van. They exhibited on top of the soon-to-be A2 tunnel in Maastricht.

Year: 2016
What: lecturing 3 months.
For: Zuyd University, students of interdisciplinary arts (iArts)
photocredits: Guy Houben


GuyHouben_iArtsexpo-4 GuyHouben_iArtsexpo-5 GuyHouben_iArtsexpo-6 GuyHouben_iArtsexpo-7 GuyHouben_iArtsexpo-8
GuyHouben_Larissa1 GuyHouben_LEANA1 GuyHouben_Taam1 GuyHouben_SUUS1 GuyHouben_Rosa1


exhibition material:

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