In Limbo Embassy

In Limbo Embassy is an embassy for people that are ‘in limbo’: Refugees that cannot stay in the Netherlands,
but are also unable to return to the country of origin. In contrast to a real embassy, In Limbo Embassy
represents a group of people, not a country. Too often direct contact between refugees and society is lacking,
that’s where this Embassy comes in: offering a neutral meeting space. Refugees, in the role of the embassy’s
ambassadors, invite people for a dialogue, debate and culture exchange on equal footing.

We made the graphic style for In Limbo Embassy, where we used the handwriting of the ambassadors as the voice
of the ambassade, guided by frameworks and an official font, which you would find at a regular embassy.

See the project’s website here.

Year: 2015
Client: In Limbo Embassy / Manon van Hoeckel

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