Annegien van

Annegien van Doorn is a Dutch photographer that asked us to come up with an idea for her website.
She shoots digital photographs, but the photographed situations are very down to earth and “analog”. In her expositions she also plays with the expo itself, where the pictures become installations.

We came up with the idea to make a website that links directly to her exhibitions, because in a way, a website ís an online expo. We made the menu buttons out of wood, so Annegien can literally place the menu at every expo she has. She takes a picture, which becomes the landing page. Welcome to!

Year: 2015

annegienvandoorn_website_1annegienvandoorn_website_2 annegienvandoorn_website_3  annegienvandoorn_website_5overzichtje annegienvandoorn_website_7annegienvandoorn_website_6