Fear of…

We got the opportunity to think along with the band L’ENFANT to create a full concept for their new EP. They already finished the music, but titles for the songs and EP were still lacking. When we listened to the music we heard that in comparison to their previous, more funky music, they moved towards something slightly darker and more creative. That’s why we came up with the idea to devote each song to a phobia and create a fitting loopvideo.

The album is called ‘Fear of…’  and together with the song names these two form a combination, such as: Fear of fingerprints, fear of imperfection, fear of change and fear of getting old. The loop videos vary from fingertip embroidery to a denture falling slow-motion into custard.

Where the master artwork represents all seven phobias, the individual artworks and videos dive into the different fears.

It all comes together on the website thisislenfant.com/fearof

Year: 2016
What: concept, album covers, loopvideos & website

Artwork_lenfant_fearof_album_300dpi    albumcoveralbumcover2    albumcover3albumcover4 2    albumcover5 2albumcover6    albumcover7